I Put My Warm Jacket On, and it is My Own Jacket

Polls continue to indicate that Senator McCain needs a stunning reversal in the last week of the campaign to win.

While one AP poll last week had him in a dead heat with Senator Obama, most polls show the 47-year-old Illinois senator with a six- to 10-point lead. And he is ahead in enough battleground states that media networks across the US are projecting a comfortable win for Senator Obama in the electoral college tally should the polling hold true.

It makes reports of the internal spats in the McCain camp all the more damaging as Senator McCain looks to ride the race home with a consistent message focusing on Senator Obama’s relative lack of experience and a left-liberal economic agenda.

But reports indicate Ms Palin may continue to make headlines in the final days of the campaign as she appears increasingly willing to disregard advisers’ orders and speak out on her own.

Politico reported the Alaska Governor’s supporters were accusing McCain campaign strategists of already attempting to pin the blame on Ms Palin for the failure of the campaign.

It later quoted advisers to Senator McCain reacting angrily to the report, branding Ms Palin a “diva”. The McCain sources said Ms Palin had repeatedly gone “off-message” recently, suggesting she appeared to be looking out for herself.

Ms Palin has also been taking some heat over the $US150,000 ($220,000) spent on her wardrobe since late August, undermining her appeal as a down-to-earth working “hockey mum”.

Campaigning in Iowa yesterday, noting the chill in the air, she said: “It reminded me a lot of Alaska, so I put my warm jacket on, and it is my own jacket. It doesn’t belong to anybody else.”

~ by Leonidas on October 26, 2008.

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