Is Barack Obama Really Assured a Win in the Election?

What is going on? Why are Obama’s followers going to such lengths (or should I say depths) to attack a citizen who dared to ask Obama a question by digging through his personal records and finding embarrassing information on him (like the fact that the man claiming to be “Joe” is really “Samuel Joseph”)?

Why are they trying to get ads taken off the air that they don’t like? Why are they outspending McCain several fold in most markets? Why is Obama purchasing 30 minute blocks of prime time television on major networks?

Why are they registering thousands of people, both real and imaginary, who are not eligible (or in some cases even alive) to vote? Why is the media going all out to destroy anyone that might possibly stand in Obama’s way and to ignore any story that might show him in a bad light? Why are the media throwing away their last shreds of integrity, honesty and impartiality by going so far in the tank for Obama?

Don’t they know the financial crisis combined with Bush’s unpopularity created an atmosphere in which their victory is almost guaranteed? Don’t they know they are leading in all the battleground states now? Don’t they know the transition team is already meeting and the party is already planned? They are behaving like the only way they can win is through intimidation, lying, fraud, and throwing more money into the race than in the history of American politics and every time I think they have done all they can do, they go that extra mile.

Maybe they know something we don’t? Maybe the polls really are narrowing more than they expected? Or maybe the prospect of the most extreme liberal government in American history led by Obama-Pelosi-Reid, is just something too important to be left to an election free from fraud, intimidation and extreme media bias.

~ by Leonidas on October 18, 2008.

One Response to “Is Barack Obama Really Assured a Win in the Election?”

  1. Go Sarah. We need to beat back the Communist party. In spite of their dirty tactics, and their attempts to steal the election with their ACORN friends, and the news media acting as their propaganda agents, we will beat them in the long run. America has faced and overcome many challenges in the past, and we will defeat these unpatriotic Communist liberals that call themselves Democrats.

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