Top 10 Search of Most Unimportant News Items

Most un-important news minute.’s Ken Maddox makes a shameless attempt at yahoo search rankings.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison

Holly Madison calls it splitsville with Hugh Hefner. Holly doesn’t leave the multimillion dollar mansion and all the servants but does leave the bedroom of Hefner.

Hef, owner of the Playboy empire, is reportedly “in the dumps” being down to only two super-hot sexy young model babes.

Rumor has it that 19 year old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon are already at the mansion and willing to do their best to help Hef get through this dreadful ordeal he is faced with.

Leryn Franco

Leryn Franco

Unfathomably hot Paraguayan Javelin Thrower Leryn Franco has nabbed herself a Serbian Tennis-Pro boyfriend Novak Djokovic.

It is reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have immediately scheduled plastic surgery appointments in a bid to not lose their title as the “Hottest Couple on the Planet.”

Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler

SHE’S BAAAACKK: American Idol country girl Kellie Pickler is back with her second album and its lead-off single, “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful,” and an interview with People magazine in which she says she recently suffered from depression.

American Idol contestants that didn’t get rich and famous are said to be “even more depressed.”

Jamie Lynn Spears Rumours are afoot that comeback princess Britney Spears’ little sister is pregnant again, just four months after giving birth to daughter Maddie Briann Alridge. “Jamie Lynn is eight weeks pregnant right now, and she and her mom [Lynne Spears] are hysterical,” a source revealed to the much respected National Enguirer Magazine.

“Jamie Lynn believed she couldn’t get pregnant while she was breast-feeding and you have to drink a lot of water or your baby will come out dirty.”

Barack Obama sees \"the plain\"Barack Obama spots “de plane” in the Fantasy Island revisited tour.

Selma Blair Despite the fact that Mickey Day affectionately fondles her arms and neck in public and private continuously, Actress Selma Blair insists that she and her on-screen hubby in the forthcoming TV comedy series ‘Kath & Kim’, Mickey Day, are just “good friends”.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton declares victory in Iraq.

Actually I believe she is right on this one. They have an elected democratic government, their women are not beat to death on the street for showing more than 2 eyes and the bridge of their nose and the kids are now rarely traded for two goats and a bag of tobacco. Mission accomplished, now on to Afganistan.


All the top 10 yahoo search terms of the day are used in this one post.
This site may be overrun with visitors with no political interest or knowledge at any time.
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