How many Abortions Would Sarah Palin Have to Have to Make You Like Her?

She reminds me of my Mom, Raising a family and always trying to help her neighbor and now she has been chosen as a VP candidate.
She doesn’t owe planned parenthood for millions in donations or wall Street 700 billion because they got her to where she is like Barack who has lined his pockets with lobbyist cash for years.

She has only herself and the people to answer but she is scorned to the point that NOW should blush.

I’ve seen 90% of the media and 90% of the bloggers blast her because she is a good mother, wife and Governor. So liberals answer the question. How many babies would Sarah Palin have to have aborted for you to like her?


Come on, 2, 3, maybe a half dozen?

~ by Leonidas on September 28, 2008.

8 Responses to “How many Abortions Would Sarah Palin Have to Have to Make You Like Her?”

  1. YOu don’t even know what you are talking about !!!! Sarah Palin just is not that intelligent, I don’t care who she is running for, if I am going to elect someone for VICE PRESIDENT I would at least want someone who hasn’t had their head stuck in the ice for so long they can’t even talk or know anything about the real world. She speaks even less intelligently than BUSH, who has to have everything printed for him or plugged into his ear or he sounds like an idiot. Well, it just goes to show you if she gets in with McCain after a BUSH fiasco – then the American people get what they deserve because your president and vice president should reflect the direction that your country wants to go. If McCain and Palin get elected then I will just think less of Americans and how stupid they all must be to want to continue down their own path of self destruction.

  2. What kind of question is that?

    I am sure that Ms. Pallin is a good person, a good mother and an over achiever. These are all good.

    for the Record I am pro life, but think that abortion should be safe. and the government should pay for women that should make that horrible choice. Face it they will choose. Legal or not. At least allow for access abortions for the safety of the women that choose it.

    But thet is the argument the GOP want us to have, so some Christians will have a reason to go vote. I’d bet you a steak dinner that is the only reason Ms Pallin became a Republican. Heck if her husband is a member of the steel workers union, wouldn’t;t they choose to be Dem’s just for the sack of the anti union GOP message?

    Ms Pallin is no more qualified to be VP than Obama bases solely on public office held. However, Based on Education, I’d take a Law School grad, a Political Operative, Community Organizer, and person that worked in poor communities to teach citizens how to work with government to improve there neighborhoods any day of the week.

    I Have a similar degree as Ms Pallin, I am not qualified to run the mail room in the White House. And I’ve run multi Million dollar businesses.

    So how many abortions. Who cares, spend time reading deep into the GOP platform and understand what they have done to our economy and how much they have abused the middle class. They sold us out on the backs of people that think that Abortion is the only issue that matters.

  3. Why isn’t my comment being posted?

  4. So it wouldn’t take abortions to make me like Sarah. To respect her it would take making respectful decisions for OTHER peoples rights even if she doesn’t agree with their decisions.

    That’s what I don’t understand about “those conservatives” you want your choice to be everyone’s choice. Jesus led by example not by forcing people to believe the same things he did. So if you don’t believe in abortion – don’t have one. And adopt and be supportive of mothers that have unwanted children. Support welfare for those women who can’t afford children and are not in a point in their lives to support a child emotionally or financially. Support reform in foster care and in orphanages. Make it your thing. But don’t stand outside of clinics yelling at often-scared girls and women or asking liberals about “how many abortions.” Don’t put your rules and regulations on me. Don’t try to push me to believe you with fear or anger or hate. Don’t try in fact to push me to believe in your perspective. I will try to understand. I will. This liberal will. But I will not make you believe what I believe and I will do so out of respect.

    I won’t deny changing someone’s perspective is amazing but I would only want that out of logic and communication that is not full of hate but higher thinking, philosophy, case studies, and facts.

    I would hope that you too would do the same. Try to understand the other side of issues the MANY sides of issues. And trust that a full grown adult of sane mind can make their own choices. “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” Even if I agreed that abortion was evil, I would want a woman to still have the right to make her own ethical choices. As it is her body. And what happens there is between her, god, and her doctor.

    That’s the beauty of democracy. As a civilization evolves past rape and plunder and past genocide of different tribes we can move into a higher state of being. One of unconditional love. Like that I’ve been told Jesus has for me. All you need is love well, love communication and at least the conscious effort at real understanding. We may not always understand each other but we can try.

    Oh no, I’m an educated hippie and I’ve said to much …
    But some more references….

    I can cite more references if you want….

    Peace and light be with you and Sarah. I hope the best spiritual journey for you both.

  5. Do you really want her to run this country like the spanish ran europe during the cursades???? Maybe if she wasn’t so busy being cured of witches I’d give her a second look.

  6. She is a complete idiot and has no idea about anything outside of her own backyard. Americans should be ashamed of their ignorance and arrogance, what happened to our wise leaders of the past. Not that I support Obama, but I think Americans should sober up and realize that we are a small drop in the bucket of the world population. To answer your question how many children should be aborted for me to like Palin, well at least in America it is our choice, in China you are not even allowed to have more than one child, maybe we should consider this, than we could make sure there are not so many closed and stupid minded people in our country, or maybe that is what abortion has done for America, but we just simply did not realize it.

  7. Maya, If I believe life begins at conception then I believe abortion is murder. Just like people stood up against the Nazi extermimization of the jews when some people thought it was good for their race, I stand up against the killing of babies. If I didn’t I would be as guilty as they were, according to my beliefs.

  8. How can people say “I’m pro-life, but I think abortion should be safe.” Or ” Abortion is wrong EXCEPT in cases of rape and incest.” You either beleive that the fetus inside is a child who you’re murdering, or you don’t. It’s not a baby in one case and not in another. You’re either okay with killing the babies or not. Make up your mind. And I love Sarah Palin. Go ahead and hate me for it, you radicals liberals. Call me “ignorant” and “stupid” and say that I don’t know what I’m talking about, because I’ve never heard THAT before. Just get it out of your system. I could care less.

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