John McCain-Barack Obama Full Debate Video

This guy has it! Click Here-John McCain-Barack Obama Full Debate Video

~ by Leonidas on September 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “John McCain-Barack Obama Full Debate Video”

  1. Click this link to see Obama The Movie

    Debates are one and so far in the first Half hour, he stuttered 9 time, He is agreeing with McCain alot on issues just like he did, with Hillary before and stole and adopted all her agenda,
    Now they are talking about Russia,
    and Obama has the first question , he nervous he does not know what to say, because the NEED CNN to give him all the question last so he can agree and or copy some of McCain issues.
    I am sure Campbell Brown wolf blitzer, Anderson Dick lip, will agree Obama will still do a great job then say Obama was not treated fair,
    Obama Really wishes CNN is doing this dabate, so they can give Obama all the answers a week before the debate, ,, than make sure Obama was comfortable, and give McCain all hard question, ,,,, watch how CNN use it secret weapon Cambell Brown the New Kieth Oberman to attack McCain and Palin, now stopl CNN so funny no bias no bull ,, and CNN the best political team for Obama should be there slogan, what is with the Obama campaign texting everyone to watch CNN for the debats,, Like they said in the real news,, CNN is on Obama Payroll

  2. obama’s awesome
    he soo won that debate!

  3. The republicans have taken the american economy to brink of bankruptsy with Bush at the helm. Bush can be safely called “son of Satan” with the intent of destroying America and rest of the world. His policies to whole bunch of countries is skewed and ridiculous.

    McCain is old and fragile. His health is failing and feels very irritable. He does not have any new ideas to lead the country. His polices are mostly assuming that America is still in 1950. He does not want to talk to Iran, China, Russia or anybody else with various reasons. The only diplomacy he knows is to take his army into that country and start a war with it.

    God forbid, but if McCain were to pass away, the president of USA would be Sarah Palin, who has not experience what so ever in any area, except to appear pretty on TV.

    America is destined to Doom! God bless America!

  4. Both candidates were equally impressive in the recent debate. It was even surprising on how many issues they agreed on. I enjoyed how McCain was so calm (most of the time!) and set his own pace, and I enjoyed Obama’s enthusiasm and his earnest and well-thought-out rebuttals.
    I encourage the one named PaulV to not be too angry and succumb too much to the bitter insults both of the parties have been flinging. After all, it’s a 50-50 chance either way, as far as the stats so far are concerned. Don’t want to become bitter and angry anti-American people just because we didn’t get the man WE wanted. That’s really not very democratic at all, is it?

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