Moderates Jump Ship as Democrat Party takes Hard Left

September 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 2008
Relative moderates who haven’t been driven out of the Democrat Party like Joe Lieberman are bailing out on their own, alarmed at how dangerously radicalized it has become.

Former supporter Donald Trump was never a good fit for the Dems, considering that he wanted to rebuild the World Trade Center after 9/11, which is hardly in keeping with their defeatist mentality. As Politico reports, he’s voting McCain primarily for a reason that should resonate with anyone following recent financial news:

The current congress, like many before them have squandered trillions of dollars on bail-outs for the elite leaders of corporations after refusing to provide regulation before-hand that would have alleviated most of the problems we now face. With the current economic crisis that we face this is not the right time for tax increases. If the congress did take more from the people it is likely, according to their track record, that they would just squander it as well. Obama wants to increase your taxes drastically all the while trying to convince you that others will be paying them.

Any working American citizen need only to look at the “federal witholding to date” on their latest check stub to realize who pays the taxes in this country.

Despite the assurances that he will only raise taxes on people other than you, tax hikes on anyone would be disastrous. But for Barack Obama, all that matters in economics is that “social justice” be imposed. That is, Whitey gets it in the eye, and if an ebbing tide leaves all boats stuck in the mud, that just increases the Dems’ government-dependent base.

Lynn Forrester de Rothschild

Lynn Forrester de Rothschild

Even Lynn Forester, of the Rothschild family, who has raised and donated millions to Democrats, most recently Hillary Clinton, agrees that now is not the time to experiment with ultra-radicalism and has now endorsed McCain/Palin.

Barack Obama, with and Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean, have taken the Democratic Party too far to the left.
But Obama can rest assured that he still has the support of Hamas, the New Black Panthers, and the Communist Party USA.

At least Al Sharpton must be pleased with the direction his party is taking. If McCain-Palin pull off this election maybe the Democrats will finally realize that their current coalition consisting of mainly, homosexuals, elitist media and hollywood stars, socialists, and welfare recipients has not yet outnumbered the people actively pursuing the American Dream without asking for handouts.

The people that make this country work, the working middle class, have realized they have no invitation in the current democratic party but are expected to foot the bill.

~ by Leonidas on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Moderates Jump Ship as Democrat Party takes Hard Left”

  1. The endorsement by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild will be among McCain’s most valued. Here’s why.

  2. As an independen moderate in a swing state (OH), I’m alarmed at the choices of too far to the left AND too far to the right. As the old saying, “Stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

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