OMG! Sarah Palin has Torn the Tag Off a Mattress!

September 17, 2008

I’ve had enough of the bashing on issues that are meaningless. Heres the scoop.

The McCain campaign released documents to show that Gov. Palin did not fire her political appointee, Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan, because he refused to fire state trooper Mike Wooten, Gov. Palin’s former brother-in-law.
Why would you feminists care is this a-hole state trooper was fired directly because of her anyway? It has been proven that he was drinking on the job in his patrol car, and reported that he tasered a kid and threatened to “put a bullet in the head” of his wife’s father. Keep championing the rights of the a-hole, just makes you more irrelevant.

Tanning Bedgate?
Once again you liberals went off thinking you had some dirt because Sarah Palin had a tanning bed brought into the Governors mansion in Alaska. Open mouth, insert foot….again. She paid for it herself. This is dirt to you, when the congress’s personal cafeteria and barber shop lost 14 million dollars last year?

Trig is really Sarah’s daughters babygate?
This one is so ridiculous I’m not even going to comment on it.

Sarah’s daughter is a teen and pregnantgate?
As we all were told in the late ninetys the personal life is off bases for politicians even when the politician lies to the American people and the court and the dirty deed goes down in the oval office.

Now lets debate something of substance. This is juvenile, unless of course someone from the Obama Camp wants to investigate a rumor I heard today that Sarah Palin had torn the itchy tag off a mattress in the 80’s.


~ by Leonidas on September 17, 2008.

One Response to “OMG! Sarah Palin has Torn the Tag Off a Mattress!”

  1. Lipstick! I thought you said Dipstick!

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