Silent for 24 Years NOW Speaks Up on Sarah Palin

September 17, 2008

On Monday, as part of his “Women’s Week of Action,” Obama held a conference call with female supporters to outline the issues he will bring to the forefront in the weeks ahead, such as health care, the Supreme Court and pay equity.

And today in Washington, a number of high profile unions and groups saying they represent millions of women joined together to throw their support to Obama.

Ellie Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation
Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women
Both of whose organizations supported Clinton in the primaries and held a press conference here announcing the support of ten groups for Obama.

NOW’s endorsement represented the first time in 24 years the group has endorsed a general election presidential candidate, the last being Walter Mondale in 1984, who ran on the first ticket to feature a woman as a vice presidential running mate.

The largest organization for women’s rights, NOW says it is stepping into the contest to educate women about Palin’s positions and highlight Obama and Biden’s long-time commitment to policies that support women personally and economically.

I have repeady suggested to the leader of the “National Organization for Women” that a better name would for their organization would be the “National organization for Liberal Women” but they haven’t returned my emails.

“For us its a red alert,” said Gandy. “Palin is so out of touch with women. I don’t think people fully understand her positions.”

Barack Obama’s, who pays his female senate staff less than John McCain pays his female senate staff, new pay equity ad says that “women work to help support their families but are paid just 77 cents to a dollar a man makes.”

The challenge for these organizations is to try to make women of America believe that Barack Obama, not Sarah Palin is more in touch with everyday American woman and the issues of raising a family and meeting the challenges of a career. Good Luck Ladies, your a daisy if you do.

~ by Leonidas on September 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Silent for 24 Years NOW Speaks Up on Sarah Palin”

  1. REAL evangelical here. OK evangelical ladies. This is WAR! You know we MUST get SARAH in. McCain who? WE want SARAH. Once SHE is in, BINGO that’s it. Nov 4 is not end, JUST THE BEGINNING! WE been praying all life for this. Thank you God….I knew you answer prayers of the TRUE faithful. We true evangelicals can see it coming soon.THE RAPTURE!. God promised to rapture us…THE TRUE BELIEVERS…just before end times. Thank you for Sarah, God. SHE is the ONE. I viewed her on TV. Qualified? Knowledgeable? Honest? etc.? WE DON”T CARE! SHE will not blink. YOU, my dear GOD will tell HER when the time is right. SHE truly knows YOU. I saw it in HER eyes, SHE is the ONE who will not blink…SHE will PRESS THE BUTTON WITH NO HESITATION whatsoever. ARMAGEDDON! Praise the Lord! I am not afraid because I know, with all my heart, just like ALL true evangelicals, just like Sarah, that we WILL be Raptured. So who cares. The rest will get what they deserve.


    As a Democrat for years and NOW supporter, I can only say I am stunned !! Since my college days in the early 70’s, I have always been a fan of NOW. Well, I guess some things do come full circle. How can you possibly say Sarah Palin is out of touch with women? She IS a woman!, with 5 children and one handicapped son with Down’s syndrome. This is getting so ridiculous, I can barely contain myself. One thing this election has brought out is the total hyprocisy you “elite”, snobbish women are guilty of. Oh, yes, women’s rights, as long as you BELIEVE EXACTLY as we do. Sarah has beliefs – she “walks the walk” – what an incredibly strong woman. What IS pro choice? Not pro choice MY CHOICE – my God – can’t you see your hubris? For the first time in my adult life, I am voting Republican.

  3. 2008 will be viewed as the year women were officially declared losers. 24 years ago Geraldine F. lost, then Hillary lost and now if Palin loses you can be sure it will be more then 24 years before another women is asked to be on any ticket (and why should they, history has shown them to be losers). We need a women in high office in this country and I am stunned that NOW has put their own agenda before this cause. Everyone in Washington knows you need an insider first, then you can fight on issues. I think the National organization of Women should support Palin or change their organization’s name, for they have lost sight of the big picture.

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