Barack Obama Stuttering in Interviews More This Week

In just two weeks, the 2008 presidential race has become the Sarah Palin election.

Barack Obama on Letterman

Barack Obama on Letterman

How can Democratic nominee Barack Obama, recapture the spotlight? For Republican nominee John The charismatic Governor of Alaska has burst on the scene this week and took the wind out of the sails of the former Democrat nominee and the frigid air of Alaska has gotten him a little choked up.

“If Mr. Obama wants to win,” he writes in The Wall Street Journal, “he needs to remember he’s running against John McCain for president, not Mrs. Palin for vice president.”said Karl Rove.

The Nominee has had a hands off approach since the now infamous “lipstick on a pig” comment seemed to backfire on him with the undecided voters and the moderate supporters. All the while his campaign has been blasting out political ads questioning everything from her 17 year old’s pregnancy to her role in “the bridge to nowhere.”

It remains to be seen whether the low ball politics will help the Democrats in the polls but there’s not much chance that it will not bring back Obama’s former mojo. The “light from heaven that will tell you to choose Barack” now seems to be a spotlight on Sarah Palin to the Christian conservatives that have been re-energised by her presence on the ticket.

The smooth, completely unexpected choice by Senator McCain has re-energised his base much like Obama supporters were pre-convention.

Sarah Palin has hit the TV interview circuit that will be airing over the next few days.

The interviews took place in Alaska, at her home in Wasilla and in Fairbanks, where she returned on Wednesday night for the first time since embarking on the campaign trail. She was greeted as a conquering hero by a crowd of 3,000 people.

Palin spoke briefly, focusing on McCain. “He’s a friend to Alaska, and he will be our next president,” she told the crowd.

The Alaska governor, who touts herself as a moose-hunting, salmon-fishing, hockey mom turned political reformer, has faced a steady of negative stories about her political record and her family, including her daughter, Bristol, who is pregnant at 17.

Up until the interviews, she had not taken questions from reporters, and at campaign rallies has stuck closely to a scripted speech that is largely a distillation of her address to the party convention.

McCain’s strategists are working hard to capitalise on Palin’s appeal to Republican women, especially social conservatives, as well as a section of former supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Palin’s instant popularity, and the success of Republican efforts to present her as a feminist icon, have put the Democrats off-balance.

This is increasingly an fun election year watching each of the candidates trying to campaign as they gingerly walk through their individual landmines. On side trying to not say anything that can be con-screwed as sexist and the other racist. Like a good war movie but skip the popcorn, it is all to real.


~ by Leonidas on September 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Barack Obama Stuttering in Interviews More This Week”

  1. It’s “stuttering.”

  2. Thanks

  3. During the debate tonight (9/26/08) Barack’s stuttering was definitiely more evident than I’ve seen before showing his lack of confidence in what he was speaking about. Typically, stutterers are more dysfluent when they are under great stress and lack confidence. Obviously, Barack doubted himself tonight and I don’t want a president leading our country through an econimic storm after observing his true lack of knowledge and wisdom.

  4. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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