Barack Obama, Do Not Talk to My Five Year Old About Sex

September 10, 2008

In a speech to a Planned Parenthood audience, Barack Obama (D-Il)
said that teaching sex education in kindergarten is “the right thing
to do as long as it’s age appropriate”.

Here’s the video.

Here’s my views.

It is inappropriate for any unrelated adult to talk to my kids about sex.
I am a Parent and it is my right and my responsibility to educate my
children. School is for learning to read, to write, to add and to learn
to get along with, work and play well with others.

If your child told you that the A/C repairman or the plumber
that came to your house talked to him/her about sex would
you thank them for educating your children?

If Your server at the local restaurant started a conversation
with your child about sex wouldn’t you call the Police?

It is not appropriate for any adult, banker, carpenter, barber,
frappuccino guy at Starbucks, factory worker, painter, co-worker,
boss, employee, congressman, senator, mechanic or the guy/girl
that does your nails or cuts your hair to talk to your child about sex.

I would be outraged and call the police immediately. I would get a
restraining order and do everything I could to make sure he/she
was never around my children or anyone else’s children again.

Why is it ok that teachers are instructed and required to teach
our kids about sex?

There have been several high profile cases of teachers in the news
lately that have molested student’s.
Pedophiles always prime their intended victims with conversations
about sex. Can the rise of the child molestation be attributed to
sex education in school? It is leading children to believe it is ok to
talk about sex with adults.
What does that say to our children who learned in school from people
other than their parent’s about sex and other inappropriate subject’s?

When the sex education agenda in school push first started we were
told that it’s purpose was to lower teen pregnancy, reduce abortions and
stop the spread of AIDS and other related sexual transmitted disease.

The teen pregnancy rate continues to surge,

The abortion rate breaks records every year,
Planned Parenthood is now a billion dollar a year business and the
leading provider of abortions in America.

AIDS has spread across the nation and the world.

Show me how adults unrelated to my child have helped curve any of
these epidemics. Show me how Federal Government involvement has
helped the state of the children in this country.
Sex education in school across the nation was billed
as the “right thing to do” when Barack Obama was a kid.

Now Barack Obama tells that fable tale again and takes it to the ultimate
extreem, stating it is a good idea to teach five (5) year olds about sex.
We have been lied to before Barack. We have seen the results
and our Nation’s kids have experienced the outcome!

If you Barack Obama, or any other adult starts any conversation with my
kids about sex, I will either do the inappropriate thing and beat the shit out of you
or, if your lucky, I will do the appropriate thing and call the police and
have you arrested as a sexual deviant preying on my children.

I have nothing against teachers and I know they are over worked
and underpaid. I respect the position and all the great people in the position.
Several of my family members have dedicated their lives to the education of
the next generation. (but)

There has been a surge of news lately about teachers molesting students.
Did these teachers use the government mandates of sex education in school
to plant the seeds of their molestation?

One can only surmise that sex education in school brings only more
molestation, more teenage pregnancy, more abortions and the spread of disease.

This Countries Parents have turned the sexual education of their kids over to
the Federal Government.

Look what has become of the kids the federal government raised.

Stop the madness.
Sarah Palin Bikini Pics!


~ by Leonidas on September 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Barack Obama, Do Not Talk to My Five Year Old About Sex”


  2. Point taken, though I was compelled to mention that from the quote, you have mentally omitted the “age appropriate” portion. This would suggest that Obama’s POV does not propose subjecting your children to hard core pornography or lessons on proper use of condoms. “Age appropriate” I would think suggests more along the lines of, chickens lay eggs and eggs become chickens; rather than “storks bring babies” ..end of.

    Further, I think we can both be secure in knowing that this mention is in no way part of his platform and will not be actually pursued during his administration. Much in the same way Bush had no real intention in challenging Roe v Wade except as vote-bait for the one-issue minded Christian extremists.

    As to the response above this, very presumptive to label it a liberal idea. And also seemed to have dismissed the “age appropriate” part of the quote.

    Mountains out of molehills.

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