Community Organizer? Barack Obama’s ties to Acorn

Inside Obama’s Acorn
By their fruits ye shall know them.

By Stanley Kurtz

What if Barack Obama’s most important radical connection has been hiding in plain sight all along? Obama has had an intimate and long-term association with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (Acorn), the largest radical group in America. If I told you Obama had close ties with or Code Pink, you’d know what I was talking about. Acorn is at least as radical as these better-known groups, arguably more so. Yet because Acorn works locally, in carefully selected urban areas, its national profile is lower. Acorn likes it that way. And so, I’d wager, does Barack Obama.

This is a story we’ve largely missed. While Obama’s Acorn connection has not gone entirely unreported, its depth, extent, and significance have been poorly understood. Typically, media background pieces note that, on behalf of Acorn, Obama and a team of Chicago attorneys won a 1995 suit forcing the state of Illinois to implement the federal “motor-voter” bill. In fact, Obama’s Acorn connection is far more extensive. In the few stories where Obama’s role as an Acorn “leadership trainer” is noted, or his seats on the boards of foundations that may have supported Acorn are discussed, there is little follow-up. Even these more extensive reports miss many aspects of Obama’s ties to Acorn.

An Anti-Capitalism Agenda
To understand the nature and extent of Acorn’s radicalism, an excellent place to begin is Sol Stern’s 2003 City Journal article, “ACORN’s Nutty Regime for Cities.” (For a shorter but helpful piece, try Steven Malanga’s “Acorn Squash.”)

Special thanks for this story goes to Stanley Kurtz.

ACORN is an organization that is trying to register one million new voters this year and brands the decision, “One more strike against the basic right to vote … that further disenfranchises people of color and low income Americans.”

They have been in trouble several times for voter fraud and fight against photo I.D. requirements. The voter fraud scandal involving ACORN in 2006 would never have happened if a Photo I.D. was a requirement. According to Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed, one incident “was the worst case of election fraud in our state’s history. It was an outrage.”

Four years ago ACORN submitted just over 1,800 fraudulent new voter registration forms, the names were made up — all but six of the 1,800 submissions were fakes. Reed said he was appalled.
This is the highly touted “Community Organizer” title the media portrays as Barak Obama’s experience.

from Ken Maddox of

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2 Responses to “Community Organizer? Barack Obama’s ties to Acorn”

  1. Sucks!

  2. I was watching Fox news this morning and they did a piece on taking back the tax payer money that Acorn has misused. This absolutely must be done, but as I listened to Fox and their guests, I got the feeling that nobody knew how. I have a way.

    We, as Americans, have certain powers that I don’t think most folks know about. We have a tool known as a right to public records with regard to nonprofit/government entities such as Acorn. The citizens, if organized, could launch a campaign directed at gaining internal information from Acorn. For example, who has donated funds; employment, not privacy items like SSN, but employment pay, names, etc. which could be researched for wrongful or illegal employment practices. If Acorn refuses to comply, they are subject to a law suit under public records law.

    The second part of this is to again organize the citizenry to assure that tax payer dollars are being used appropriately. Acorn, according to what I have seen, gets funds from many sources, including federal sources. This can be investigated by filing a whistle blower complaint to the U.S. Attourney general requesting an investigation of the misuse (supplanting it is called) of federal funds and then filing a law suit on the grounds of the False Claims Act. There is also something called the qui tam. The QT is an old British law on the books that states a citizen can take up matters on behalf of the king (aka country). A qui tam law suit can be filed and that would set in motion an investigation on behalf of the people of America.

    I think I’ll start things going, anybody else want to help?

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