Hillary Who?

The media, although intrigued with the novelty of her campaign at first, soon betrayed Hillary Clinton for the bigger novelty of Barack Obama campaign picking up speed as he put on stages and performances only rock stars could dream up for themselves.

“If you’re a professional woman, it doesn’t matter how smart you are, how much money you make, how many men you turned into sawdust to get to the top, Hillary is smarter, earned more, and mashed more men than you have. Professional women have started to hate Hillary because their roar of accomplishment sounds like a pathetic “tweet, tweet” when compared to the First Lady.

Of course, these are the same women who were supposed to be Hillary’s natural constituency. But Hillary blew it: she turned out to be much too competent, too attractive, too savvy. I mean, how can a woman feel proud that she’s the first female CEO of a Fortune 500 company when Hillary’s out there managing 14% of the Gross National Product and being compared not to Eleanor, but to Franklin Roosevelt?”
excerpt from The Hillary Clinton Quarterly.

Hillary Clinton met her successor on National TV last night. Her nemesis, her direct opposite on almost every issue. Sarah Palin took the National stage, grabbed the audience by the heart and Barack Obama by the throat. Her accomplishments, her wit, her beauty, and her commitment to her family and country shined like that “city on the hill” that Ronald Reagan spoke of.

Sarah Palin leaped into the hearts of Americans last night and I don’t think anyone without an agenda could have said anything negative about her at that moment. She shared her love of her family, her State and her Country with us and we could felt the wind of change sweeping through this nation of over-taxed, over-worked and under-appreciated citizens. She is a true American in every sense of the word.

A new leader has emerged that is in most every way the opposite of Hillary Clinton except for the fact that they are of the same gender. She’s not an attorney, She was not in the Peace Corps, She’s not a feminist, a world-traveler. She stayed home, raised her kids and when the time was right she ran for mayor of her home town. Her history is currently being written. Hillary is done and hopefully so to are the tired old politics of race and status dividing people to get votes and win elections and taxing “We the People” more and more to pay off the biggest contributers to your campaigns.

written by Ken Maddox exclusively for OneAngryMan.com


~ by Leonidas on September 5, 2008.

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