First Polls Already out on Sarah Palin?

Democrats are scrambling to get dirt on Sarah Palin right now. Seems like their running scared, If she’s not a threat then why throw stones?

After a long weekend of Democratic criticism of John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate, over half of voters (52 percent) still have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of the Alaska governor. Thirty-one percent (31 percent) view her very favorably. Voters are evenly divided on whether Palin was the right choice for McCain and whether her selection makes them more or less likely to vote for the Republican candidate. But 69 percent of GOP voters believe the choice was a good one, while nearly as many Democrats (63 percent) disagree. Unaffiliated voters are evenly divided as well. While the initial polling reaction to Palin has been fairly positive, the most significant numbers will be those following the Republican National Convention. Because she is so new to the national scene, Palin’s speech may be the most important moment at that event. Prior to McCain’s announcement, 67 percent said that they didn’t know enough about Palin to have an opinion.

Its been a whirlwind week for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and tonight its the national stage to deliver the biggest speech of her life, after presidential candidate John McCain’s campaign slapped down rumors and innuendo Tuesday to defend his choice of Palin as running mate.

Republicans have largely embraced the choice of the 44-year-old first-term governor — who by her own admission is not far removed from being your average hockey mom — showing confidence that she can bring women, independents and working-class voters to the ticket.

The “National Organization for (liberal) Women” is geering up for a slash and burn campaign on this woman that doesn’t fit their mold of the ideal female.
I’m predicting Sarah’s speech will ignite the Nation.

If you miss it live, I’ll have it up tomorrow as soon as its availiable.

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