Attempts to Smear Sarah Palin Are Failing

   The Democrats are scrambling to smear Sarah palin. The talk of the town is that she is not capable of the job she has been called to do. Why? The democratic leadership is scared that she is going to clench this election for John mcCain and the Republican Party.

   She’s beautiful, articulate, educated and has that girl next door personality that Americans love. John McCain has skipped over Washington Politicans that have been largly responsible for the countries woe’s and chosen someone truly from among the people of this country. “We the people” are sick of the Washington  elite making traitorus decisions for their own well-being and he has picked a VP that is preceived as one of us.

   Thank you John McCain for giving us a renewed hope that the current “politics as usual” approach might change.

Click for Bikini Pic’s of Sarah Palin


~ by Leonidas on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “Attempts to Smear Sarah Palin Are Failing”

  1. 1 month later you have to think twice about this post don’t you?

    She FAILED!

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